Toni Love Hair Cleansing System

1. Residue Remover - A pre-shampoo solution. (100% Natural)

Residue Remover is fortified w/corn-based cleansers, it's very mild, contains a series of enhancing extracts to soothe and rejuvenate the scalp. It has the capacity to open the hair follicles and allow nutrient effects to the hair. Also, it stimulates the scalp and the hair bulb. ELIMINATES product and ENVIRONMENTAL build-up: spray, massage onto hair and scalp, leave for 3-5 minutes, and rinse. It works excellent BEFORE a color/bleach application, or just after removing hair extensions, braids, and weaves BEFORE shampooing with the cleanser. Also, works well on natural hair, relaxed hair, pressed hair, dreads, itchy scalp, dandruff, and more!

2. Hair and Scalp Cleanser - acts as a performance enhancer.

Once the Residue Remover extracts the product and build-up from the hair and scalp, the hair follicle is open and ready to be cleansed. Once the follicle is open, the cleanser can reach the hair bulb to deep cleanse the hair shaft. Many shampoos leave a deposit and does not cleanse thoroughly, even stripping away the natural oils. The Hair and Scalp Cleanser contains stimulating Peppermint Oil, which is a natural mint and has organic characteristics. Also, the Peppermint Oil stimulates and soothes the scalp.

3. Hair and Scalp Conditioner - increases micro-circulation of the scalp.

The conditioner softens the hair shaft and prevents split, dry, and damaged hair. It's a low conditioning system that allows the hair to stay pH-balanced. It assists with dry, itchy scalp because it contains Menthol, which has a medicated perception, but, will sooth the scalp. The Menthol enhances the scalp and allows the follicle to open slightly to receive oxygen. The conditioner is non-greasy and doesn't leave a residue on the hair shaft.

Author, Platform Stylist, Business Woman, Product Owner and International Educator

Toni Love is an international platform stylist and educator, holding instructor's licenses in Cosmetology and Barbering; she is a Certified Instructor and a twice-published author. A graduate of the Hair Design Academy, Toni has taught students in both private and public schools. She currently owns Toni Love's Training Center LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

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